Check it out: Highlights of the 1st Annual APFA Championships

The First Annual American Pole Fitness Championships
The First Annual American Pole Fitness Championships

The First annual APFC was held at the prestigious Manhattan Center in New York. It was hosted by Comedian Mona Cooper and Olympic Gold medalist Maurice Green, with a special performance by Dominic Lacasse who holds the World Record for " The Human Flag".  The Judges were KT Coates, Emil & Mario Valentino, Prana, Allegra, Dominic Lacasse. The performances were all incredibly unique & we would like to congratulate all of the athletes for exhibiting such talent, passion & dedication. Mika yoga Wear had the privilege of styling these amazing athletes! ( The women that is!) They looked absolutely incredible & we were incredibly flattered to have been able to be involved.

The champions are as follows: American Pole Fitness Champions™, Women's Division -Marlo, Men's Division -Steven Princeton Retchless.2nd Runner ups Zoraya Judd and David C. owen. 3rd runner ups Kyra Johannesen and Badazz. Pole Artist of the Year™, Amber Richard. Pole Athlete of the Year™, Zoraya Judd

Check out the behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot:

The photo shoot took place in this amazing loft space provided by poleography. The space was incredible & everyone involved in the shoot was very motivated & a pleasure to work with. It was an absolute blast styling the girls & I simply adored each of them. Such strong & confident women!

Big thank you again to Tinu, the founder of  the APFA & editor of Pole Spin Magazine & also to all of the athletes who wore our clothes in the shoot & performances. You ladies ROCK.