My First Pole Competition

Earlier this year, I received an email from a friend asking if I'd like to perform in a pole dance competition. Having only been pole dancing for two years, inconsistently, and teaching for one of those years, I had every intention of politely replying: "are you nuts?". But on a second thought, what a great opportunity to meet others sharing the same passion for the sport! And how exciting to be able to dance on a professionally rigged stage in front of a large audience! Quickly, that second thought turned into delusion and, almost instantly, I signed up to perform not one, but two routines in two distinct divisions. ....

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12 Things I Learned at Pole Con

1. "Dance with passion!" -Marion Crampe

2. "If you don't squeeze it, nobody else will."

3. Pole fitness is about community.

4. If you bedazzle it, they will come.

5. Unicorns exist, and they rock the pole.

6. Pole people work hard, and play harder.

7.Jen West is more than just amazing abs.

8. If your legs aren't all bruised and beaten up by the end of pole con, you did something wrong.

9. You're never to old to hit the pole.

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Pacific Pole Competition,  Studio Hopping, Los Angeles Sun and Manhattan Beaches. Believe it or not three members of the Mika team managed to fit in all this and more this past weekend on a little business trip to L.A. We had a wonderfully fun and successful weekend. Read on little one...

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Inspiration: Expression through Pole & Bikram Yoga

We are happy to share an inspirational woman, Holly Miely! Holly, a Mika Yoga Wear-er, has rediscovered what beauty and power for women really means. Having noticed that every day roles can tend to bind and constrain women, Holly discovered the importance and necessity for women to feel feminine, and beautiful. While maintaining busy schedules and obligations, she believes we can and should all feel sexy, strong and confident. All it takes is some self expression through the power of the pole and deep stretching with Bikram Yoga.

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