Brrrrrr... it's cold out there: A simple guide for the Hot Yoga Addict


Do you search out the "hot spots" in the room & actually choose to practice there?

In Savasana, do  you feel a sense of satisfaction when your towel is drenched?

Do you find yourself getting a bit upset when the teacher opens the door or windows?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a HEAT addict. If you didn't answer yes, you are probably asking yourself, WHO are these crazies? Keep reading though, you may find this entertaining. So, in a nutshell, these crazies are most likely seasoned Hot yoga or Bikram yoga enthusiasts .

Perhaps when these yogis started out they didn't have such strong heated needs, but, over time, have developed the craving to SWEAT like crazy. But WHY, some of you may ask? Well, I can only answer from my own experience & for me, it is this: The heat makes the practice more challenging &  intense.  More importantly, it's that after hot yoga high that  leaves me  feeling simply blissful & craving more time and time again...

It wasn't until recently that I have become much more aware of my heat addiction.  For years I have practiced Bikram yoga, but for the past month, I decided to give Core Power style hot yoga classes a try. The instructors keep the classes pretty warm- with the exception of one heat enthusiast- thanks for keepn' it real Mike;). The classes are super challenging & I have enjoyed switching it up, but my only vice is the HEAT.

So.... I've come up with a few tricks to keep myself warm and satisfied & thought I'd share them with all the other heat addicts out there:


1.) Dress accordingly.

Bum shorts & bra tops- Nope. Think Layers. I like wearing our Lola or Lolita topwith the Serena top.  It may be wishful thinking, but I like knowing I can always take the long top off if it does get super hot. To keep your muscles nice and cozy I recommend our Kaya Leggings.

2.) Hot Spots.

It's all about location. Don't even think about setting up shop near a door- between the drafts & the teacher regulating the circulation, this is not the place to be if you want to stay toasty. When you enter the room, feel it out. Where is the vent? Do they have a  humidifier?  Or.. simply ask the teacher where the hot spots are- they are sure to know.

Chatarunga it up
Chatarunga it up

3.) Warm Up.

Hold plank, bust out a few chatarungus, do whatever your body is comfortable doing before class starts. This may take some trial & error, but your goal is to figure out what warm up can heat your little tush up quickly. This will get your body ready & warm even before class begins so you have a pre-sweat edge on you.

4.) Practice with PRECISION & INTENTION.

If you want to get the most out of your practice, remember to always practice with these 2 things in mind. LISTEN to your teacher & act like you are always a new student. Being present & open to learning can only help intensify your practice.

Pracitive with precision
Pracitive with precision


Are you engaging your core? Are your arms and legs being strengthened? Is your breath serving you? Remember to do a thorough  body scan when you are in a pose and ask yourself if you are practicing mindfully. It's all in the DETAILS.. I am a firm believer of this & that the only way to practice with intention is to have full awareness of your body. This isn't easy.. I know:/ In fact, even the simplest of poses can be extremely challenging if you focus on all the details, but when you do.. the body responds oh so well & the heat starts building up from within.

It's all in the DETAILS
It's all in the DETAILS

Well, I hope these tips & tricks can help serve other hot yoga addicts out there, and for those non-heat lovers- stay tuned for part II: How to Survive in hot yoga..