Artist Spotlight: Hailey Snailey

As many of you Mika Chicas know, we have been anxiously waiting for the Ganesha Mika Yoga Mats to arrive and they are finally here!  We were lucky enough to feature the artwork of local Denver artist, Hailey Svenkerud, better known to her friends as Hailey Snailey. Her work is breathtaking and intricate - the more you look at it, the more you see.  Everyone at Mika is thrilled we we were given the opportunity to put her creation on a yoga mat, the space where we go to breathe, move energy, transform and love ourselves.  Hailey is by far the coolest chick I know and I loved getting to know her better with this interview.  Below you will see the progression of this stunning project as it came to life as well as a little peek inside Hailey's beautiful, creative soul <3

What inspires you?

Oh wow, lately I've been really noticing how astonishingly interconnected everything is and it's just soo soo wonderful! Every interaction with every beautiful soul lately has been so synchronistically eye-opening and meaningful. The more I notice all of the synchronicities and taking them for what they truly are, little reassuring cosmic winks from the universe, they are presented to me more often and more profoundly and I am continually blown away by the artistry of this universe, this life, this crazy dream! I'm also always overwhelmingly inspired by all of the beautiful souls that surround me, old friends and new. I feel so incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with all of the bright and shining individuals in my life. They all make me feel so comfortable in this crazy thing called life and are always teaching me and helping me to evolve into a more loving person. They are the truest inspirations to become a better artist and better person all around!  <3

What inspired you on this project?

Well I know I spent a lot of time staring at my yoga mat throughout my practice and with that in mind I wanted to create something beautiful and comforting.  Laura had the idea of Ganesha, remover of obstacles, and what could be more perfect for a yoga mat?  So I wanted Ganesha as the main focus accompanied by sacred geometry and mandalas, thinks that I find comforting to look at, little reminders of how connected we all are to one another, to the stars, the moon, and the entire universe. 

What medium is your go-to?

I'm most comfortable with acrylics, but I'm starting to branch out a little and mess around with some new, fun, and exciting methods, like on this piece I did watercolor and ink in addition to acrylic.

What was your first painting of?

I think the first painting I really put a lot of time and effort into was this hexagon shaped table that I painted a big ol' mandala on. I love painting tables, because then not only do you have a piece of artwork but also a functional piece of furniture, woo!

How did your art career begin?

Well this is the first big thing I've really done, so I guess this? Right now? That's crazy. I have sold some artwork rompin' around those good ol' red rocks lots and some festivals here and there, but that was more of just a hobby and fun thing to do I guess. Now my work is really getting out there and I can only hope it will inspire others to create as well! Thank you guys so much for this opportunity, this really is the most rewarding thing ever and I am so eternally grateful for you lovely ladies:)

Are you currently working on a painting? If so, what?

Yes I am! A painting inspired by the mooon! What I want this painting to portray is all of the guidance and empowering energy that our most majestic la luna beholds! If we look close enough Gaia will reveal to us all that we need to see to help us become our truest selves and guide us on our truest paths to becoming the purest beings of infinite lovelight. <3

What is your favorite thing to draw/paint?

I love anything geometric, mandalas, patterns, stuff like that. Recently, though, I've been trying my hand at some more realistic, life-like type of thangs as well.

Do you practice yoga?

Yep! I've just recently made it a part of my daily routine, staying loyal to practicing every morning and every night, it took me awhile to find the discipline but it has been so rewarding. Not only has it put me in a much better place physically, but it has helped tremendously in the quieting of my mind and is making it much easier to be more mindful in all aspects of life. A practice I will  most certainly be dedicated to for the rest of my life. :)

Where are you from?

Born and raised in good ol' Concord, North Carolina, and been frolicking around the breathtakingly beautiful state of Colorado for almost 13 years now!

What do you love most about Colorado?

Haha, more like what do I not like about Colorado? Nothing. I fall in love with this place more and more every day, more often than not do I find myself in awe of my surroundings. Everywhere you look there are mountains to climb, beautiful people to meet, and amazing experiences to have. I couldn't think of a better place to call home.

What do you love most about being an artist?

Well I like to think that artists may not necessarily be completely responsible for their creations but rather instruments in which the cosmos work through to render messages of love, light, and send blessings, hope, and inspiration to whomever wishes to receive it. And I think that's pretty cool.

Music go to? What's bumpin on your iPod lately?

My musical likings stretch far and wide, but right now when I'm painting I'm really diggin' Rising Appalachia, Ott, Random Rab, Russ Liquid, Tipper,  Thriftworks, Mike Love, Elephant Revival, Kalya Scintilla, Fruition, Emancipator, Desert Dwellers, Eurythmy, and of course Railroad Earth, Lotus, Tribe, Greensky, Cheese, and the good ol' Grateful Dead.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Don’t ever doubt yo' self! Anything and everything you create is 100% unique and beautiful, each and every creation is a reflection of your soul, and you are a completely unique soul, no one else can create what you can, don't let it go undiscovered. Let your soul shine through each and every brushstroke. You have the power to manifest a beauty that no other being can, don't let that power go to waste.


Favorite place to create?

Anywhere outside, farther from the city and people the better, and, if not outside, my house. I've taken on the life of a hermit as of lately, spending as much as time as possible at home, and it is kind of wonderful in every way possible. I've got myself quite the hibernation creation station goin' on, and have you seen my furbabies? They're the cutest you ever did see, they make it pretty hard to leave, ever.

How do you start a project? 

I usually get an idea, think about it for a week or two and then finally sit down and start putting said idea into fruition. However, it usually takes quite a few twists and turns and ends up entirely different than I had originally planned so I'm practicing not having any expectations and letting my paintings become whatever they want to!

Artists that inspire you?

Oh so so so many, I could list off artists for quite some time that inspire me, but I really find the most inspiration from the artists around me. I have some insanely talented friends and watching them grow as artists and seeing the way their artwork reflects their lovelight soulshine is so unbelievably fascinating to me and that is what truly gives me the drive to create.

You can check out more of Hailey's work on the Gram: @artworkof_haileysnailey.  

Ganesha Mat - 20

Who are your favorite artists?  Share with us below and let us know what you think of the new Ganesha Mika Mat :)