5 Simple Ways to Positively Ring in the New Year!

HELLO 2016!

HAPPY NEW YEAR MIKA CHICAS!  We have had such an amazing year of growth, beauty and friendship.  We have loved getting to know so many of you beauties and thank you for your support and LOVE 

1. Have fun! “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”

2. Be you  - “the opportunity of a lifetime is to be yourself!”  Embrace your true self in all aspects of your life.  DO YOU GIRL!

3. Don't take yourself too seriously - laugh at yourself and love yourself.  

4. Count your blessings from 2015 to attract more in 2016!  Take time to write or reflect on all the beauty that made up your year.  It will be sure to help you attract more this year!  

5. Spend more time with your loved ones - family and friends.  

AND, don't drink too much confetti ;)

We hope everyone has a safe and beautiful New Year!