10 things I learned at Pole Expo

1. If you don’t Pole, you will quickly develop arm envy...

2. Poler’s have mad STYLE.

3. Urban Pole is a thing - #PoleAnywhere

....& made possible by Stunt Grip. Check out more of our Vegas Strip Photoshoot here!


4. I’m pretty sure Poler's invented  #SundayBumDay

5. Poler’s from Utah have some kind of goddess gene…

See for yourself here.


6. Pole peeps take their food seriously.

If you go to the Whole Foods that weekend you are bound to run into more than a few pole peeps.

7. Must have Shazam on stand by: Poler’s know good beats!

8. It’s a full on REUNION.

9. Not just Pole:

From twerk classes to lyra, floorwork & stretching classes, there are SO many different kinds of workshops to take & performances to see.

10. The Pole Community is BADASS!