10 songs to inspire MOVEMENT: November Yoga Mix

Sometimes there's nothing like a good song to get you moving, adjust your attitude or intensify your mood. During yoga or a workout, how often do you hear the voice in your head say,   "Ughhhh how long are we going to hold this?!".  This is where some good tunes can help...  Listening to  inspiring music can help you focus on your breath, clear your mind & get your spirit motivated to MOVE! Here's a list of a few favorites to help inspire movement within!


1. Intro-The xx

2. Sort of Revolution - Fink

3.Mission-  Beats Antique

4. Burning Desire - Alkalino Remix- Lana Del Rey

5. Take You Higher (club mix)- Goodwill & Hook N Sling

6. You Make Me Feel Good - Satin Jackets

7. Marvin Gaye - Sunny (Mercury Edit II)

8. Paper Aeroplane - Angus & Julia Stone

9. Mouthful of Diamonds - Phantogram

10. Walking in the Sun - Fink

Know good music? We want to hear from YOU,  please share  your favorite tunes by commenting below!